Dec 25, 2009

another character

I modified a drawing I had using a stylus and Photoshop, to recreate a character from my Torth series. This is Alex as a prisoner (Book 1).

Alex as a prisoner of the Torth

Dec 22, 2009

Jonathan Stead

One more piece of my own fan art. I can't say much about this character without giving spoilers, but he has quite a reputation. If you've read Book 1, CITY OF SLAVES, you'll recognize him as Jonathan Stead.

Jonathan Stead from the Torth series

human slaves

More of my own fan art.

These characters are Rhianna, Cherise, and Margot, shortly after being enslaved to the Torth.

Torth slaves
Those green collars around their necks ensure that they wake up and sleep when the Torth want them to. Green means it's a work shift.

I draw my own fan art

I've colorized some ink drawings from my TORTH series of novels. I like drawing fan art for my own books. It's almost like having a fan.

This character is the Indigo Governess. She has the power to telepathically absorb knowledge and memories, whether or not you want her to. But does she use this power to help people? No. She uses it to gain personal power.

Torth fat girl
Quote: "When I want something, you give it to me."