Jul 21, 2006

ComicCon 2006

So far, I've been to two ComicCons, each more crowded than the last. Nerds take over the entire city of San Diego! Look at them all:

San Diego ComicCon 2006
Last year, in 2005, I had the supreme honor of being a guest at a private fan dinner with author Robert Jordan. This year, I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends Brianne and Heather. Here we are in front of the Star of India, a sailing ship near our hotel:

Heather, Brianne, Abby
We met a number of pirates, but Captain Jack Sparrow had a certain allure, so we took photos with him.

Captain Jack Sparrow with Brianne and Heather

Captain Jack Sparrow with Abby
Part of the joy of being an Attending Professional is avoiding lines. Comic Con attracts over 150,000 people from all over the world. Some of them wait in line for hours just to enter to convention center. Here's a line we skipped:

Comic Con line to get in
Last year, I avoided the crowded floor and spent most of the weekend at panels, which were fun and enlightening. This year, I avoided the panels and browsed the floor. The San Diego convention center is so huge, no photograph can convey its size. There are over 5,000 booths in one massive room. There are contests, clothing and jewelry, prints and fine art, comics and toys, celebrities, costumes, novels and author signings. You can spend a day on the floor and not see it all.

Here's a sliver of it:

Comic Con floor
We met some storm troopers and Jedi:

Storm troopers and Jedi at Comic Con
And Heather met some comic book heroes:

DC comic heroes
We saw lots of strange costumes, including five women dressed like Wonder Woman, a giant panda on a tricycle, and a naked old man. The thick crowds made it hard to snap shots of individuals. Here's some strange ones:

Comic Con costumes
Finally, we took breaks and explored beautiful downtown San Diego. We went to clubs (full of Comic Con attendees) and restaurants (full of Comic Con attendees). Here's a view of the harbor within walking distance of the convention center:

San Diego harbor
Will I go again? Surely! But if the convention keeps growing like this, they'll need to rent a larger city.

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