Jun 17, 2007

Dune Buggy Ride

I have a photo gallery on my website, but I've decided to give blogging with photos a try, since Blogspot makes it so easy.

So Phil took me on a dune buggy ride for our 6 month anniversary of dating. It turns out that we can't rent dune buggies and drive them ourselves. I guess there's some kind of liability involved, since it's somewhat dangerous. So we rented a ride from a guy in Desert Palm Springs, and let him drive us around.

Here's the rental place:
rental place near Desert Palm Springs, CA

The ride was somewhat wild! The dune buggy was actually a VW bug chassis with a topless shell on it.
flying over sand dunes

At one point, our driver pointed out this oasis:
oasis in the desert

And had us hike to see it up close!
oasis was a short but steep hike

Later, we visited the windmill farm and finally learned why those windmills exist. Apparently each windmill is sponsored by a different company (like Texaco, Enron, etc.) and produces tons of electricity, which they sell to the grid for a profit. The companies pay to maintain their own windmills.
windmill farm up close

The windmills are a highly efficient energy source in the wind corridor of Desert Palm Springs. According to our guide, each windmill generates enough electricity to power a small town. Why don't they build these things across the windy deserts of America and save on oil-based fuels? Anyone who's driven from California to Arizona or Nevada knows there's hundreds of miles of empty land.
windmills on a ridge


Unknown said...

That was so much fun! The driver was a real character, for sure. And that cave was pretty cool. Now we should try riding those quad ATV's!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great info. I think I will have my family try it out!

Unknown said...

Enjoy the adventure of Desert Safari Dubai..