Nov 12, 2008

Doggy graduation!

I work at home, so this dog is my full-time companion. We take daily hikes. I've owned her for six months!

Saphira graduates

After her graduation, I took her to the RedBud dog park in Austin. It's on an island, so the dogs can't easily escape. What a great park! There were about thirty dogs on the island, chasing and wrestling each other, fetching balls, swimming. Saphira had the time of her life. I had a good time too, chatting with other dog owners while our furry friends played.


Orville said...

Hi Abby!

You seem to be getting into life in Austin. I hope all is going well. BTW some of my favorite folks are dogs and cats.


Kelly Shon said...

oh we have a dog too. your dog looks very sweet...