May 7, 2004

Fire season

As the weather warms up and fire season starts, my schedule is getting hotter! That's hotter meaning hectic. Have you ever longed for the gift of More Free Time? Incidentally, I wrote a story with that premise, because I wish for that a lot. Every day. Several times per day. You can find A Taste of Time in the May 2004 issue of the e-zine Deep Magic.

I also had a daily short story in Flashshot, and I will have a few upcoming publications this summer. Exciting! In other news: Well, I have three weeks to finish writing a feature-length screenplay, prepare a pre-class assignment for the Odyssey Workshop, write a screenplay coverage report for a class, revise my epic novel based on recent feedback (thank you Jackline, Maggie, Sue, J.R., Steven, and Cecile), critique a few stories for a workshop, and fulfil a few outside obligations to people. I know I'm forgetting something. Did I mention that this is all slated for the next three weeks? Did I mention that I have a full-time job now? And that I want to read all the authors who'll be at the Odyssey Workshop? And that I want to update my WoT Theories section and add new art to my online gallery? Oh -- and that I really want to write a few more short stories and submit my current ones to zines?

Please be understanding if I'm slow in answering my email.

Currently reading: Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson, Freehold by Michael Z. Williamson, and the first three Pern novels by Anne McCaffrey. It's rare for me to read three books at once like this, but they're all in different formats. Audio, paperback, and read aloud with boyfriend. :-)

New online hang-out: Orkut. Those Communities are addictive.

Addendum: Yes, I still have a semblance of a real-life social life!

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