Mar 20, 2007

Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley

I went on a ski trip this weekend! It was St. Patrick's Day and the snow was melting, but we had a great time. Click the photo to see more.
Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley


Bijoy said...

ahhhhhhh woww wonderful place to ski. nice photography kewl work man be in touch like to visit more be in touch

Biby Cletus

David Lyman said...

mmm-MMM! I can almost smell that fragrant air. There is a Ponderosa Pine tree up the street from me and when I take the dog around the block I’m sure to pass underneath to breathe a glimpse of Tahoe. Glad I wasn’t there though, being from NH I’m sure you can chuck a mean snowball!

Unknown said...

hi abby. nice photos! makes me sad that i didn't go snowboarding this season. the weather was really wierd this year huh?

PotatoFarmGirl said...

The lake is so shiny and pretty! Looks like alot of Abbyland fun!

Padre Cohen said...

Dear Abby,

After moving to Northern California from woodsy, Western New York, I trekked from the San Mateo Coast to Yosemite to Lake Tahoe. I recalled the East Coast as lovely, but the impact of the country west of the Mississippi River was jaw-dropping majestic. Forty-four years later, I'm still impressed by the grandeur.

Incidentally, who's the chump with you in the photographs?

~Padre Cohen

Anonymous said...

Hey Abby!

It is beautiful in that area. I have a sister who lives in Volcano, CA (about an hour west of Reno), and I have always loved that area. Of course, you add a lot to an already picturesque area.