Oct 28, 2007

Southern California Fires

I get tired of living in a disaster area ... actually, it could have been a lot worse. The fire department fought quickly and efficiently. Every time a new fire started, it looked as if helicopters were dropping water on them immediately. They stopped a lot of fires before they even got going.

These photos were taken last week, when the smoke started rolling in.

smoke-filled sky

acrid air

early afternoon sun

rolling smoke

Pretty, but I had a sore throat all that week!

Several neighborhoods near me had to evacuate. None of them lost their homes. Unfortunately, thousands of people did lose homes in San Diego and other regions of Southern California.

Right now, the sky is a clear blue and back to normal. We finally got some rain.

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Orville said...

Hey Abby!!

Every thing happens in your area. It is boring most of the time in my part of the world. Of course Memphis is the Crime Capital of the United States.

On a serious note, my heart felt sympathy goes out to all the folks, our your way, affected by this disaster. I hope they find the folks that started these fires, and put them in the cellar, under the jail.

Your Friend,