Mar 19, 2011

City of Slaves, v.2011

I'm finished ... again! And I dared to enter the Suvudu Writing Contest.

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CITY OF SLAVES: Torth Book 1

Thomas is a mind reader whose friends rely on his advice, unaware that Thomas belongs to an alien race of emotionally stunted slave masters with advanced technology. Thomas himself remains unaware of his heritage--until the Torth abduct him along with four of his friends, subjecting them to brutal slavery. Thomas accepts his birthright of power and privilege, hoping to rescue his human friends. But Thomas can't allow his old loyalties to surface in a society full of mind readers, and while he flounders through repressive laws and unimaginable luxuries, his friends must rely on alien slaves in their daily struggle to survive. They soon realize that they will die as slaves unless they can figure out a way to escape on their own ... and rescue Thomas from the monster he is becoming.
Would you like to test read? This novel is 105,000 words, or approximately 420 paperback pages with relatively large print.

Full disclosure: I'm still not happy with it. I may never be happy with this book. Parts of it look really lame to me now, from my perspective as a more experienced writer versus the person I was ten years ago. I'm convinced the beginning is still a problem, but I did my best. The story remains awesome to me, and I've grown a lot as a writer during this series.

In other news, it's SxSW here in Austin. I made the mistake of walking downtown on St. Patrick's Day during a Strokes concert. Wow. I've never seen so many crazy drunk people wearing green.

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